This time we have prepared something for those of you who prefer to spend your time absorbing what you have written. Once again, we tried to cover the subject quite broadly.

The best blogs for recruiters

1. Irina Shamaeva

Irina is an incredibly experienced figure, associated with sourcing and recruitment for over 20 years. It specializes in the programming industry – that’s why I especially recommend it to people associated with IT. Irina can be seen at sourcing conferences around the world, and she shares her vast knowledge on her blog as well. Her posts appear relatively rarely – on average once every two weeks – but they discuss topics related to sourcing in an extremely detailed way (with the indication of specific sources, such as Linkedin). On the other hand, Irina’s blog is devoted to the subject of collecting and managing data in recruitment.

2. Greenhouse blog

Greenhouse is associated with many recruiters as one of the best ATSs on the market. Until recently, I also used only this tool to guide candidates during recruitment. I quickly discovered that Greenhouse also had a very interesting recruitment blog to offer! Posts are written in English, appear every few days and cover a vast range of topics related to sourcing, employer branding or building the organizational culture.

3. Kasia Tang

Of course, we can also find great blogs on the Polish market. Kasia Tang is one of the most recognizable people associated with the recruitment and training industry related to the HR industry. Some of you may associate it with the previous name of the blog – Kasia Borowicz. On the author’s blog, we can find a lot of interesting materials on sourcing and employer branding. There is a lot of materials – entries appear on average every 7-10 days and are written both in Polish and English – the blog so you can confidently recommend to your foreign friends.

4. Rekrutacyjny – Paweł Zdziech

I came across this blog once completely by accident. He was distinguished by interesting and non-obvious topics that bring a lot of fresh perspective to the recruitment world. The author combines his experience in the area of ​​recruitment (mainly IT) with broadly understood managerial knowledge. As a result, such intriguing entries were created as “Kahneman used (in recruitment)” – that is, quick and slow thinking and its use in the work of a recruiter, but also reviews of other books, such as “7 habits of effective action”. It was from this blog that I learned, for example, why, as a recruiter, it is worth following Jewish wisdom. Paweł does not post frequently but keeps a very clear table of contents, where we can find entries on specific topics.

5. The Evil HR Lady

It is in fact Suzanne Lucas who, although she does not look “devilish”, has extensive experience in recruitment and consulting. Suzanne’s posts are written in a unique way – they are strongly based on what is currently happening in the world and on social media. Coupled with her light style, the whole thing is very pleasant to read, and her posts appear often. If you believe LinkedIn, Suzanne is a full-time blogger. This blog is a real mine of knowledge, and the author also publishes her recordings of public speeches, such as TedTalks, so I’m sure everyone will find something interesting there.

6. Bob Sutters – Work Matter

An interesting blog that definitely deserves more attention in Poland. Its creator is a Stanford lecturer. The author has published over 200 articles in academic and popular publications and seven books. The American Management Association ranked him 10th among the top 30 leaders who had the greatest impact on business (2014). However, if you expect boring, “university” posts – you may be surprised. Bob masterfully combines his vast knowledge, experience and sense of humor. And although posts are rare, and some of them were added a long time ago, they are still relevant.

7. Undercover Recruiter

It’s a very accessible and transparent blog for recruiters which covers virtually any recruiting topic we can think of. The articles usually fall into one of 3 main categories: employer, recruiter and candidate. Thanks to this division, we can easily find the issues that interest us. The authors of posts are usually related to the recruiting business, but there are also exceptions. Due to the fact that there are many bloggers, the content appears on it often. Undercover Recruiter gives you the opportunity to subscribe to the weekly newsletter, so we can easily stay up to date with the news.

8. Candidate experience

Finally, the blog for the recruiter of the Polish author, which deals with topics largely related to employer branding. Zyta Machnicka is one of the most experienced specialists in Poland – in fact, she can be called a pioneer of Employer Branding (she is also the founder of EBmasters). Thanks to the vast experience gained in various positions, Zita’s posts allow for understanding important issues from many points of view. The information is reliable and the articles show an innovative approach to recruitment, EB and building the organizational culture. The author herself says that she writes a blog so that terms such as employer branding and candidate experience are not treated as a temporary fashion, but as essentials inscribed in the business strategy of each enterprise. Blog posts appear rather rarely – sometimes every few months – but their quality compensates for a long waiting period.

Subscriptions to such sources are not only a source of knowledge but also inspiration. Reading can make new ideas appear in the head on their own, and the solutions provided will improve our current activities. In moments of professional burnout, it can also help you find new layers of motivation. I encourage you to review them on a calmer evening. I guarantee that you will subscribe to 2-3 of them quickly and you will visit them regularly.

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