Not many people complement professional purpose. This is a mistake. Find out what to enter in your career summary and where to put it in your CV to stand out from other candidates and interest the recruiter.

In this article you will learn:

  • what is a summary of career goals and why you should complete them in your CV
  • what a professional summary should look like – examples
  • how write a summary of career goals without any work experience

What is a summary of career goals and what purpose does it have in your CV?

Imagine that a new person is meeting you. So you tell her who you are, what you do, what things you like. You mention to her your most famous project that you hope she knows. This is exactly the role of the professional CV, it is to present you to the future employer from the best side (the professional one). It shows who you are, what your past activities have been and what you are aiming for.

This is an introduction that should encourage him to read your entire CV. The summary is placed at the very top of the document under personal data (check how to correctly complete contact details in your CV). It should be about 3 – 4 sentences. It is worth working on it so that it sounds natural, but also praises your professional achievements so far.

Examples of summing up your career goals in your CV

Before I show you some examples of summaries, I will tell you what the content of professional summary in the CV should result from. Well, it should result directly from the job advertisement. The most important requirements for experience and skills described there. When reading them, the recruiter should imagine you as the ideal candidate for this position.

As you only have 3-4 sentences for this, it is worth thinking about the appropriate use of keywords. And so, experts advise including in it such elements as the name of the position, the scope of duties, the most important achievements (if you can enter here, for example, increase in sales then be sure to include them), emphasize soft and hard skills. Avoid the personal pronoun “me”.

Ok, with the example it will be easier for sure:


Experienced business analyst and process management enthusiast with seven years of practice gained in an international organization. He has extensive, supported by successes, experience in implementation of applications and IT systems optimizing business processes. As a senior business analyst, he wants to continue his development in the field of business analysis in order to provide comprehensive and business-beneficial solutions.

The example above includes the following elements:

  • job title
  • achievements from previous positions
  • skills exposed

Job summary in CV for people without education

When you are young and do not have work experience yet hard to boast of achievements. Therefore, if your job is to be related to your education, e.g. list what studies you have (if you are in the process, what year you are in). Describe your additional activities student, such as science clubs. If you have completed an internship or course, be sure to mention your duties. Finally, add why you are interested in the industry and what you can bring that is attractive for the employer.

As always, I am giving you an example:


4th year student of pharmacy at the Medical University of Warsaw. During his studies, he took an active part in the life of the university, he was the chairman of the Students’ Scientific Club of the Bioanalysis Laboratory of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department (as part of it he participated in the 4th Scientific and Training Conference of Students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Medical University of Gdańsk). In your company, he wants to develop his competences in the field of quality assurance.

The above professional summary shows that the candidate fits into the new function. She provided information about the achievements realized within the university and presented his achievements.

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